Lite Tech, Inc.

Welcome to our website, home of Xenolite and Xenolite Lead Free.

We invite you to browse around and learn about our Company, our radiation protection products and our technology. You can view or print our product brochures.

At Lite Tech, extensive knowledge of radiation physics has been combined with polymer technology to produce the world’s lightest-weight x-ray protection products, without compromising protection. These products are engineered and custom-made to provide the best fit and ergonomic design. In addition, these products are environmentally friendly, recyclable and/or lead-free.

Lite Tech has more than 20 years radiation protection experience in over 24 world markets. With quality control from raw materials to finished products, Lite Tech can provide your protection needs.

Lite Tech, Inc is a CE-label certified, and FDA registered, manufacturer.

Overview of Xenolite in PowerPoint format. Click here to download the presentation.