Our Products

  • Over 15 different apron styles
  • More than 50 fabric/color options
  • More standard sizes than other manufacturers
  • Three standard levels of protection (0.5mm, 0.35mm, 0.25mm)
  • Different patterning for female/male products
  • Several grades of “core” protection material

Core Material Options – Xenolite grades/types

Xenolite NL (No-Lead)-a lead-free, super-lightweight 2-element composite. Xenolite NL is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.
Product code number is 800, e.g. # 830VS.

Xenolite TB (Lead Free)- a lead-free, super-lightweight 2-element composite. Xenolite TB is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.
Product code number is 700, e.g. #730VS.

Xenolite B - a lightweight composite, 2-element material, with some lead content.  Xenolite B  is mid-priced and recyclable. Lead vinyl is 25% heavier.
Product code number is 600, e.g. #630VS.

EVAL-10-a 100% lead-based material. EVAL is used for lower-priced, non-weight sensitive products as well as gamma-radiation (Nuclear Medicine) applications. This material is also used for x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) over 120 kV.
Product code number is 900, e.g. #930VS.

Protection Level Options

Standard medical x-ray protection levels available include 0.50, 0.35 and 0.25 mm Pb. Front/back protection is usually in the following combinations: 0.50/0.35, 0.50/0.25, 0.35/0.35, 0.35/0.25 & 0.25/0.25. Worldwide, the minimum protection for medical use is 0.25 mm Pb (except Michigan, 0.50). In Europe and other countries adopting IEC 61331-3, the “light-duty” is 0.25 mm Pb, “”heavy-duty””minimum 0.35 mm Pb (front).

Xenolite Apron Model #, Sizing & Fitting

You or your Radiation Safety officer will be able to determine the best apron model and protection. There are over six models with frontal protection (two for sterile field OR use), several “wrap-coat” special procedure aprons and several vest-skirt designs. We recommend vest-skirts for long procedures requiring front & back protection, due to weight distribution between shoulders and hips.

We have separate patterns for male or female use, with female versions having smaller armholes (for greater breast protection). To fit multiple staff we recommend male sizes.

All orders are custom-made. Usually you will fit into one of our six standard sizes, XS to XXL, or we will make adjustments for length or non-standard measurements.