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  1. Patented Crack-Resistant Material
  2. Vest / Skirt Aprons
  3. Full Wrap Aprons
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Looking for Lightweight Protection?

Lead-free weighs 30% less than lead and is 100% recyclable. Use this comparison guide to choose and get a special radiation protective apparel offer.


Our Products

XENOLITE products protect hospital staff from radiation exposure while enhancing the ability to perform roles with the highest safety, mobility and comfort available through lead-free radiation protection. Trusted by top industry professionals to keep their teams safe, our protective garments and accessories are developed with quality and compliance in mind. We also offer apparel customization, organization and storage solutions and more to deliver the best experience for our customers.

Our Science

XENOLITE X-ray protection garments and accessories are compliant with global governmental regulations and are developed with proprietary technology for the highest quality assurance. This includes our aprons, vests, skirts, thyroid collars, protective eyewear, gloves and other XENOLITE products, which remain the most lightweight X-ray aprons on the market offering complete protection. Our patented flex-crack resistant material also enhances the flexibility, crack resistance and durability of lead-free aprons while remaining eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.


XENOLITE provides the hospital industry with technologically advanced radiation protection by offering products that set the standard for lightweight material and safety. Developed with DuPont technology, XENOLITE products carry a longstanding reputation of radiation protection innovation. As the world’s first lightweight, multi-element, composite x-ray protection material to replace lead-vinyl, XENOLITE has remained committed to developing high-quality protective products that lead the market in quality standards and compliance.