Flex-Crack Resistant Material

All XENOLITE® aprons include our patented flex-crack resistant protection material that offers up to 10x the durability of vinyl-based aprons, providing a modern solution to premature protective garment failure.

The health risks associated with defects in an apron’s core material can be substantial, and historically, apron shielding materials have been susceptible to cracks due to repeated flexing. These flex-crack defects allow small amounts of radiation to pass through the apron, increasing the risk of exposure.

That’s why all XENOLITE aprons are manufactured using DowDuPont™ premier elastomer-matrix technology, resulting in extended use periods before the onset of cracking. Our patented protection material provides superior durability and performance, allowing XENOLITE aprons to last well beyond the lifespan of the leading competitors’ garments.

Flex-Crack Resistant Resources:

With XENOLITE, you get:

  • Proven reputation of a leading global developer of innovative materials
  • Dedicated personal service of a mid-sized company
  • Patented lightweight protection manufactured with industry-leading technology
  • Greater flex-crack durability than other leading X-ray protection competitors