Our Science

All product lines of XENOLITE X-ray protection garments and accessories are fully compliant with global governmental regulations, including EU 2016/425, and are developed with proprietary technology for maximum quality assurance. This includes our aprons, vests, skirts, thyroid collars, protective eyewear, gloves and other XENOLITE products.

XENOLITE aprons are the most lightweight X-ray aprons on the market offering complete protection for wearers. Garments are available in several different grades of core protection materials and three standard levels of protection (0.5mm, 0.35mm and 0.25mm). Additionally, our lead-free aprons are made with patented flex-crack resistant material, which offers enhanced flexibility, crack resistance and up to 10x the durability of vinyl-based aprons. They are also eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

For more info on Lead vs Lead-Free products, read our guide. 

Core Materials

Learn more about the materials we use to develop superior lightweight X-ray aprons, vests, skirts and other X-ray protection accessories. Please feel free to contact us for any questions about our materials, products and protection.

Lead-Free Aprons

  • XENOLITE 800-NL – A lead-free, super-lightweight, 2-element composite. XENOLITE 800-NL is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal. More info
  • XENOLITE 700-TB – A lead-free, lightweight, 2-element composite. XENOLITE 700-TB is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.
  • Xenolite Strata+300 – A lead-free, lightweight, eco-friendly material featuring bi-layer radiation protection technology. XENOLITE Strata+300 is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal. More info

Light-Weight Lead Composite

  • XENOLITE 600-B – The original lightweight, 3-element composite with some lead content. XENOLITE 600-B is mid-priced and recyclable.

Lead Aprons

  • EVAL 900-Pb – A 100% lead-based material. EVAL is used for lower-priced, non-weight sensitive products as well as gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) applications. This material is also used for X-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) over 120 kV.