All Lite Tech radiation protection products are designed to protect hospital staff from harmful radiation exposure and enhance the ability to perform their jobs with maximum safety, comfort and mobility.

Our line of x-ray protection aprons, radiation protective eyewear and other accessories are trusted by many professionals and are compliant with global governmental regulations. Designed with proprietary technology, we maintain greater control over the quality and standards compliance of our products. Lite Tech also offers apparel customization options, apron organization and storage solutions and a mobile app to support simplified radiation shielding test processes.

All Lite Tech and XENOLITE products come with:

  • Unmatched knowledge and expertise
  • The legacy of DuPont technology
  • Many industry firsts and achievements
  • Quality you can trust every day

Available X-Ray Protection

XENOLITE is the source for lightweight, high-quality X-ray protection apparel and accessories. Learn more about the wide range of options we have available below.

Need help choosing the product that’s best for you and your team? Download the Choose Your Apron Guide.

Vest / Skirt Aprons >

XENOLITE Vest / Skirt Aprons are designed to maximize weight distribution and eliminates back pain and stress. They also offer greater flexibility and mobility on the job.

Full Wrap Aprons >

XENOLITE full wrap aprons are designed to alleviate upper back stress during longer procedures and offer superior protection and comfort.

Frontal Aprons >

XENOLITE frontal aprons feature an open back design, which makes them extremely lightweight for comfortable wear and flexibility.

Accessories >

XENOLITE offers a range of X-ray protection accessories, including lead-free thyroid collars, humeral shields, half aprons, pregnancy panels, table drapes, support belts and more.

Radiation Protective Glasses >

XENOLITE radiation protection eyewear come in several styles and colors and are made with the highest quality SCHOTT glass.

Additional Services & Supplies

Garment Customization >

XENOLITE gives customers the opportunity to customize their garments with sizes, fabric colors and patterns, logos and monograms.

Apron Racks >

XENOLITE has several choices available for apron storage, including heavy-duty mobile racks and wall peg racks that keep garments safe and readily available for use.

ShieldTracker >

XENOLITE has developed an easy apron tracking application available for mobile phones that streamlines radiation shielding test processes required by the JACHO.

Vest / Skirt Aprons

Vest / Skirt Aprons

Full Wrap Aprons

Full Wrap Aprons

Frontal Aprons

Frontal Aprons



Radiation Protective Eyewear

Radiation Protective Eyewear