Baseball Cap Style Thyroid Collars (Sale)

Note: These are surplus collars.  The color of your purchase will be random.

  • There is a vast variety of colors.
  • Color is random
  • Limited Time Offer While Supplies Last.
  • Online orders only.
  • US Orders only.
  • All sales are final.


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Item: 640H / 740H / 840H

Half Aprons

  • Velcro closure system; 0.50 mm Pb equivalency
Item U.S. Size Metric Size
X40H-1 8×10” 20×25
X40H-2 12×14” 30×35
X40H-3 16×18” 40×45
X40H-4 18×24” 45×60
X40H-5 Set of 3
Set of 3
Item: 5213

Gonadal Shields

Infant     4.5” x 5.5”
Small        5” x 8”
Medium   6” x 9”
Large        7” x 10”
X-Large    8” x 11”

Item: 880P

Pregnancy Panel

Velcro attachment between outer and inner skirt panels
0.5mm Pb Equivalence
14″W x 21″L

Item: 5200

Carry Bag

  • This durable bag is constructed of 500 Denier Nylon and carries up to two aprons.
  • Monogramming is available for this item.

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Table Drapes

Table Drape Shielding to protect staff from scatter radiation without obstructing the C-Arm. 0.5mm equivalency. Attaches with hook & loop (all included). Order two for double sided use. Mix sizes to fill desired width of coverage.

Stretcher Pads/Table Pads

Stretcher Pads
3″ pads contain high density foam to help prevent bottoming out
Top cover is a two way stretch vinyl
No-slip bottom fabric eliminates the need for hard to clean hook and loop fasteners which can lead to infection control problems.
Welded corners to prevent fluid seepage
Exceptional durability and resistance to bacteria, stains and tears
Meets CTB 117 requirements

Table Pads
Covered with black Herculite Lectrolite SureChek Fusion II Fabric
Specially Formulated Visco Combination Foam with Memory Foam Top