Practicing proper maintenance and care is crucial when handling any type of X-ray protection garment or accessory, but following manufacture recommendations for cleaning and storing your X-ray protection aprons in particular will ensure your apparel serves its purpose—completely shielding patients and staff from radiation. We offer several storage options for our high-quality X-ray aprons that allow them the space they need to avoid damage while keeping your facility safe and uncluttered. Browse our storage selection to find traditional Z-frame and valet apron racks, mobile apron racks and convenient wall peg apron racks.

Choose from:

  • Z frame X-ray apron racks for increased stability
  • Valet X-ray apron racks for sturdy and sleek storage
  • Mobile X-ray apron racks for space-saving and mobility
  • Peg apron X-ray racks for permanent wall hanging

Why Use Proper Apron Storage Solutions

It’s important that staff at hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and other healthcare environments find and regularly use proper storage techniques for radiation protection aprons, whether vests, skirts, full wraps or frontals. This prolongs product life by keeping aprons dust and dirt-free, protected from creases and functioning as they should.

  • Prevent damage to aprons from creasing
  • Maintain a clean, safe and uncluttered environment
  • Keep aprons easily accessible and organized
  • Allow mobility for damage-free use throughout a facility
  • Offer a stable and sturdy solution for aprons



Item: 9870

Z Frame Apron Rack

  • Our 4×4, heavy-duty, mobile, nesting lead apron rack offers superior stability for storage of lead x-ray aprons. Large, heavy-duty, locking, swivel cases allow the track to be easily moved.
  • Specifications:
    • 55” high x 51” side x 23” deep.
    • Base Colors: white, black & silver.
    • Includes 5 non-removable hangers.
Item: 9890

Valet Apron Rack

  • Constructed of sturdy painted metal and features wheels that lock in place, this valet holds up to 300 lbs of apron. Five non-removable hangers are included with each unit. Additional hangers are available for purchase.
  • Specifications: 54″ high, 36″ wide, and 24″ deep.
  • Color: White
Item: 9880

Mobile Apron Rack

  • Using only 24″ of floor space, this mobile rack is perfect for rooms where floor space is limited. The 8 prongs can hold up to 12 aprons and thyroid collars.
  • Specifications: 48″ tall. Color: White
Item: 5136

8 Peg Apron Rack

  • Constructed of steel with rubber tips, this rack holds four aprons and thyroid collars. There are four mounting holes.
  • Specifications: 3″ high, 24″ wide. Color: White