Item: 9870

Z Frame Apron Rack

  • Our 4×4, heavy-duty, mobile, nesting lead apron rack offers superior stability for storage of lead x-ray aprons. Large, heavy-duty, locking, swivel cases allow the track to be easily moved.
  • Specifications:
    • 55” high x 51” side x 23” deep.
    • Base Colors: white, black & silver.
    • Includes 5 non-removable hangers.
Item: 9890

Valet Apron Rack

  • Constructed of sturdy painted metal and features wheels that lock in place, this valet holds up to 300 lbs of apron. Five non-removable hangers are included with each unit. Additional hangers are available for purchase.
  • Specifications: 54″ high, 36″ wide, and 24″ deep.
  • Color: White
Item: 9880

Mobile Apron Rack

  • Using only 24″ of floor space, this mobile rack is perfect for rooms where floor space is limited. The 8 prongs can hold up to 12 aprons and thyroid collars.
  • Specifications: 48″ tall. Color: White
Item: 5136

8 Peg Apron Rack

  • Constructed of steel with rubber tips, this rack holds four aprons and thyroid collars. There are four mounting holes.
  • Specifications: 3″ high, 24″ wide. Color: White