Customize Your Apron

Custom Lead Aprons

Lite Tech offers a wide range of options for colors, fabrics, logos and monograms for our Xenolite custom lead-free aprons and lead aprons. All orders are custom-made, which means in addition to selecting your gender fit and size, you have the opportunity to personalize your purchase even further. Choose from many available solid colors and patterns and learn more about monogramming your apparel, uploading an organization logo for embroidery or exploring our suite of fun embroidered imagery.

Colors & Fabrics

Blue may be the most common color of X-ray protective apparel, but it’s not the only one. Don’t shy away from selecting other colors and designs for your aprons, vests and skirts. We have more than fifty solid colors, textured colors and patterns for you to choose from to make X-ray protection more exciting at your healthcare facility. Your custom lead-free apron or lead apron will brighten up your day and make for a better patient experience.

  • 28 patterns
  • 22 solid colors
  • 7 ripstop colors
  • 9 cleanable colors

Interested in the patterns we have available for your X-ray protective apparel? Here’s some of the options you can choose from:

  • Puppies, pawprints, leopard and zebra prints
  • Colored camouflage and flames prints
  • Watercolor, galaxy and other artistic prints
  • Flowers, butterflies and rainbow prints
  • Hearts, stars and bubbles prints

View our full selection of fabrics, colors and patterns.

Logos & Monograms

Upload your organization’s logo or input your initials or name for custom embroidery that makes it easy to keep track of apparel at your office or hospital and gives your team a more professional, on-brand look. Many companies choose to embroider their logo or a simplified version of their logo to all new apparel orders for their team as they review their stock to begin building an updated wardrobe. Lite Tech also offers more than thirty unique logo designs from healthcare and nature imagery to sports and patriotic icons for those looking to personalize their everyday equipment or for professionals who work with children. Explore the custom lead apron and lead-free apron options available to you and your team today.

  • Personalize your everyday wear
  • Keep track of unique apparel fits
  • Unify teams with on-brand logos
  • Create a better patient experience

View logo and monogram design options.