Fabric Selection

Lite Tech offers a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns for its XENOLITE aprons. Our fabrics are “non-stretch” or limited (“bias”) stretch woven fabrics designed to circumvent de-lamination, as well as coating adhesion and wear issues.

Download: Apron Fabric Selection Chart

Fabric Types:

Solid color “Nylon” (Fabric # 01-10, 35 – 43)

  • 200 denier nylon with light polyurethane coating

Solid color “Ripstop” (Fabric # 70-76)

  • 300 denier nylon/polyester with light polyurethane coating

View Solid Color Fabric Chart

Printed Fabrics (Fabrics # 50-99, 00)

  • 300 denier polyester with printed design and light polyurethane coating

View Print Fabric Chart

Polyurethane-Coated Cleanable Fabrics (Fabrics # 22-29)

  • 200 denier polyester with thick polyurethane coating
  • Coating includes antimicrobial additive

View Polyurethane-Coated Fabric Chart

Rubber-Coated Cleanable fabrics (Fabrics # 61-63)

  • 200 denier polyester with a thick coating of butyl rubber
  • Coating includes antimicrobial additive

View Rubber-Coated Fabric Chart

Download: Apron Fabric Selection

For fabric cleaning and care instructions, please click here.

Please note that all colors are subject to change and colors are scanned so true fabric color may vary slightly.