All Xenolite frontal X-ray aprons allow for freedom of movement, maximum flexibility, and optimal comfort, while still providing the utmost in proven radiation protection. Our frontal X-ray aprons feature a convenient open back design, making them exceptionally light and functional. Xenolite frontal X-ray aprons allow radiologists, X-ray technicians, and other professionals to get through even the most demanding shifts without putting unnecessary stress on their feet, ankles, knees, and backs. Not only do frontal X-ray aprons reduce stress during long procedures, but they’re also eco-friendly, recyclable, and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

Frontal X-ray aprons may be available with several core material options, including:

  • 800-NL lead-free super lightweight
  • 700-TB lead-free lightweight
  • 600-B lead composite lightweight

All lightweight frontal X-ray aprons come with these standard features:

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Shoulder pads
  • Pocket
  • Male and female sizes

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Item: 610K / 710K / 810K

Back Support X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Unique X-ray apron design distributes weight between shoulders and lower body
  • Adjustable 7” (18 cm) elastic support belt offers greater lower back support
  • Belt attaches to side with keyring
  • Velcro shoulder closure

Item: 610B / 710B / 810B

Buckle X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Features a 2” (5 cm) wide adjustable waist strap with buckle
  • Elastic back

Item: 610S / 710S / 810S

Strap X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Features a strap closure, which is double stitched for durability
  • Velcro shoulder closure

Item: 610R / 710R / 810R

Shoulder Release X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Criss-cross shoulder design keeps the apron in place when bending or stooping
  • Velcro tabs at shoulder and waist allow for quick removal
  • 2” Velcro strips for better adjustment
  • Elastic back

Item: 610Q / 710Q / 810Q

O.R. Quick Drop X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • Worn over the scrub suit and under the O.R. gown for quick removal without breaking the sterile field after X-ray procedures are completed
Item: 610NV / 710NV / 810NV

No Velcro X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • 3” (7.5cm) wide elastic tabs allow for a comfortable fit around the waist with buckle closure
  • Body-hugging design shifts weight from shoulders to waist

Item: 610LP / 710LP / 810LP

Lateral Protection X-Ray Apron

  • Lightweight X-ray apron design
  • All of the comfort advantages of our Frontal X-Ray Aprons, plus additional coverage when turning to the side

Sizing & Customizations

All frontal X-ray apron sizes can be customized to ensure the best fit and comfort. Learn more about sizing, fabric options, and apron care below.

For compliance under EN 61331-3 (if required) protective back option available (610E | 710E | 810E and 610A | 710A | 810A)

  • 15 cm back protection
  • 25 mm Pb equivalence

Please add “LB” to item# when ordering.