All Xenolite Full Wrap Aprons offer maximum protection with superior comfort and are designed to reduce upper back stress during long procedures. All Wrap Aprons come with standard features:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Pocket
  • Adjustable 7” (18 cm) elastic belt comes standard with the Special Procedure Apron (6201 / 7201 / 8201) and the Overwrap Apron (6250 / 7250 / 8250)
Item: 6201 / 7201 / 8201

Special Procedure Apron

  • Overlapping panels for greater protection and adjustment
  • Adjustable 7″ (18 cm) elastic belt distributes weight on hips and shoulders
  • Velcro side seams allow for separation when bending or sitting without compromising protection
  • Male and female sizes
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Item: 6250 / 7250 / 8250

Overwrap Apron

  • Full overlapping front panels allow for weight reduction and maximum protection
  • Front panel closes at right side and right shoulder with Velcro
  • Adjustable 7″ (18 cm) elastic belt distributes weight on hips and shoulders
  • Male and female sizes
Item: 6200TS / 7200TS / 8200TS

Tabbard Style Apron

  • Right shoulder and side Velcro closure allow for easy access
  • Simple single piece design makes this model extremely light
  • Unisex sizes
Item: 6240 / 7240 / 8240

Diamond Back Apron

  • One-piece, wrap-around back with attached Lumbar support
  • Front overlap eliminated for lighter weight
  • Male and Female Sizes
Item: 6320 / 7320 / 8320

Quick Release Full Wrap Apron

  • Worn over the scrub suit and under the O.R. gown for quick removal without breaking the sterile field after x-ray procedures are completed
  • Unisex Sizes

To ensure the best fit and comfort all Full Wrap Apron sizes can be customized.

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