Working with X-ray technology and patients undergoing X-ray exams and procedures puts medical professionals at risk of everyday exposure to radiation. Ensuring protection for staff and patients at medical facilities by purchasing high-quality aprons is just one step—eyes also need complete protection as one of the most vulnerable, valuable, and sensitive parts of the body.

Interventional radiologists, cardiologists, and other medical staff can suffer pre-cataract lesions without the proper radiation eyewear. But finding a pair of radiation protection glasses and radiation safety glasses for hospitals, dental practices, X-ray labs, and other facilities is easy with the selection that Lite Tech offers.

All Lite Tech radiation protection glasses and radiation safety glasses are made with the highest quality SCHOTT glass, offer .75mm lead equivalency, and consider function, comfort, and protection coverage in their construction. All styles come in a standard size, and most are available in single, bifocal, and progressive prescriptions upon request. Some frames also offer wraparound protection, rubber nose bridges for added comfort, spring hinges for durability, and larger viewing areas for increased functionality. For those wearing prescription glasses, our Fitover Glasses are an excellent and comfortable radiation protection option for use over regular eyewear.

Reduce your exposure to radiation and shield your eyes with Lite Tech’s radiation safety glasses to prevent serious medical conditions.

Item: LT500

Maxi Frame

  • The Maxi Frame leaded eyewear is a radiation protection frame sized slightly smaller than the Ultralite Frame and includes a soft rubber nose bridge for increased comfort.
  • Available in Black, Red, Silver, and Navy.
  • Weight: 63 grams

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Item: LT100

Ultralite Frame

  • Our radiation protection glasses are manufactured with lightweight nylon and are designed to provide protection for the entire eye area. The curved front and temple bar with rubber tips allow for a close secure fit.
  • Available in Black and Carbon Gray.
  • Weight: 58 grams

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Item: LT400

Fitover Glasses

  • The Fitover Glasses are designed for wear over prescription glasses. The oversized frame offers excellent radiation protection and a large viewing area.
  • Weight: 92 grams

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Item: LT300

Astro Frames

  • The Astro Frames are flexible safety radiation protection glasses that can be adjusted for a more custom fit. The front of the frame is fitted snugly to the brow to help prevent fluid runoff into the eyes.
  • Weight: 75 grams

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Item: LT5050

Basic Wrap Tortoise

  • The Basic Wrap Tortoise radiation protection glasses feature a lightweight wraparound nylon frame with a built-in adjustable nose piece to distribute weight evenly over the nose. The earpieces are attached with spring hinges designed to withstand the rigors of everyday hospital use.
  • Weight: 85 grams

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Item: LT1300

Flow Frame

  • The Flow Frame radiation glasses are stylish wraparound radiation eyewear constructed of high-impact TR-90 nylon that feature a removable rubberized foam insert with fog-reducing ventilation ports.
  • Available in Black.
  • Weight: 79 grams
Item: LT1900

Contour Frame

  • The Contour Frame X-ray protective glasses feature a wraparound frame with a rubber nose piece and non-slip temple arms grips for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Available in Black.
  • Weight: 84 grams
Item: LT1600

Edge Frame

  • The Edge Frame radiation protection glasses feature a comfortable wraparound fit with uniquely shaped lenses that provide optimal visibility.
  • Available in Black/Blue.
  • Weight: 70 grams

Nike Premier

  • The Nike Premier radiation glasses from this popular brand offer streamlined temple arms with tips that grip for a more secure fit.
  • Available in Black.
  • Weight: 77 grams

Nike Brazen

  • The popular Nike Brazen radiation safety glasses are designed for streamlined comfort and maximum durability.
  • Available in Black and Black/Blue.
  • Weight: 80 grams

Nike Rabid

  • The Nike Rabid radiation protective eyewear offer stylish, excellent coverage in a stable, lightweight frame from the popular Nike brand.
  • Available in Matte Black.
  • Weight: 70 grams

Why You Need Radiation Safety Glasses

Radiation protection glasses are essential safety equipment for professionals working in interventional radiology, cardiology, and electrophysiology and may also be necessary for those in urology, pain management, and orthopedics. Cath labs, EP labs, dental offices, and other surgical areas can leave staff and patients exposed to high levels of radiation. If your facility requires radiation protection apparel, protective radiation eyewear should be included.

Scatter radiation can impact the lens, iris, sclera, conjunctiva, and retinal blood vessels. With increased exposure, cataracts and other major and irreversible medical issues can form with cell death and abnormal reproduction to significantly impact health and safety.

Radiation safety glasses can help prevent long-term eye issues and promote better health and safety in the workplace and at the doctor’s office.