All XENOLITE Vest / Skirt Aprons are designed to maximize weight distribution between the wearer’s shoulders and hips, which eliminates stress on the upper and lower back. Vest / Skirt Aprons also provide greater flexibility to the wearer when sitting, bending, or stooping.

The Skirt provides complete overlap to deliver maximum protection.

All Vest / Skirt aprons come with standard features:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Pockets on vest and skirt
  • Hanging loops on skirt
Item: 630VS / 730VS / 830VS

Vest / Skirt Apron

  • The original design in wrap around protection
  • Overlapping panels on vest allow for greater protection as well as greater adjustment
  • Male and female sizes
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Item: 620VS / 720VS / 820VS

Weight Relief Vest / Skirt Apron

  • Single piece front vest panel makes this model extremely light
  • Velcro closure at right side and right shoulder of vest
  • Unisex sizes
Item: 625VS / 725VS / 825VS

Full Overlap Vest / Skirt Apron

  • Full overlapping front panels allow for weight reduction and maximum protection
  • Front panel closes at right side and right shoulder with Velcro
  • Male and female sizes

To ensure the best fit and comfort all Vest / Skirt Apron sizes can be customized.

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