Protecting Your Eyes from Radiation

For medical professionals working in hospitals, dental practices, X-ray labs, and other facilities, exposure to radiation can be a regular occurrence, making adequate radiation protection equipment critical. Studies show that repeated exposure to radiation can permanently damage the iris, retinal blood vessels, and other areas of the eye. When exposed to radiation, the risk of developing cataracts greatly increases.

If your facility requires radiation protection apparel, radiation protection eyewear should also be included.

Why Are X-Ray Protective Glasses Necessary?

Over time, damage resulting from repeated exposure to radiation can result in cataracts, tumors, glaucoma, and additional injuries. Medical staff such as interventional radiologists, cardiologists, and other professionals need radiation safety glasses to maintain eye health and ensure they are protected from these and other risks. Whether you work in a dental office, cath lab, EP lab, or a different surgical area, it’s critical to think about your health and safety.

Scatter radiation, which spreads out in different directions after radiation beams interact with various substances, can have a significant impact on the eye, including the lens, iris, conjunctiva, and blood vessels, among other areas. If exposure continues without adequate protective measures, cell death and abnormal cell reproduction may occur.

Finding the Right Safety Glasses

When looking for X-ray eyewear, there are a few important considerations. 

Protection Level

All X-ray eyewear is not created equal. Consider whether the style features peripheral protection in addition to front protection and what lead equivalency the eyewear offers.


Comfort is another important factor to consider. As glasses may be worn for long durations of time, they should be well-fitting and not place excess pressure on the undereye or nose.


How is the eyewear constructed? Frames should be adjustable as fit can change after the first initial wears. Lenses should be durable, scratch-resistant, and have a warranty in the event that damage does occur.

Where Can I Buy Radiation Protective Glasses & Radiation Safety Glasses?

Finding the right protective eyewear is easy thanks to Lite Tech’s large selection of radiation protective glasses. All protective eyewear from Light Tech is made with high quality SCHOTT glass, which offers .75mm lead equivalency for improved radiation protection. All styles are made with function, comfort, and protection in mind. For those who wear prescription glasses, our Fitover Glasses are a comfortable radiation protection option for use over regular eyewear.

To buy radiation protective glasses, download our catalog and call Lite Tech at 800-647-5483, or shop online.

Protect Your Eyes from Radiation

When considering radiation protection equipment, the first thing any medical professional should think about is eyesight. For people who work with radiation equipment, investing in a high-quality pair of protective eyewear is a must.

Choose a pair that meets safety standards and ensures adequate protection levels, comfort, and construction. Many high-quality options are available online and can be received in just a few weeks’ time.

Have other questions about radiation safety glasses? Want to talk about placing a bulk order for your office? Whatever you need, Lite Tech is here to help you. Contact us today for dependable, expert service.