Weighing Your Options: Full Wrap vs. Frontal Aprons

Radiation protection is paramount to the health and safety of medical professionals, ranging from doctors and nurses to medical attendants and hospital support staff. While radiation protection is vital, it’s important to do your homework on the products available for radiation shielding. Unfortunately, not all radiation protection is made equal.

Aprons and other protective gear can be made from lead, lead composite or lead-free materials. For medical professionals who wear lead shielding vests or aprons for extended periods of time, certain gear can put harmful strain on back and shoulder muscles.

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Apart from choosing the type of material you want for your radiation protection, it’s also imperative that you select the proper style shielding for the procedure or operation being performed.

For medical professionals who stand in close proximity to an operating table, it’s crucial that a full-wrap apron is worn. The question isn’t whether you need radiation shielding garments, but rather, which lead-free apron style best suits your department or practice’s needs?

Download the infographic or view it below for more information about which lead-free apron is right for you:

Full Wrap vs. Frontal Aprons

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